Who is this monster?

This Monster is an experiment in freestyle music creation, ever evolving and expanding everyday as we grow "this monster" The recordings you will hear were never rehearsed and are strictly off-the-cuff. However, the recordings have been digitally edited to keep some consistency and some were re-mastered for live performances. We are striving to cover many genres including funk, metal, reggae, rap, classic rock, and alternative. Currently, most would consider us to be mostly alternative ranging from heavy to soft (with a few curve balls thrown in). Enjoy!

tdubbs snuffelupagus

Tom Winters
aka: T-Dubbs

ROLE:  Vocals - Precussions - Equipment Manager
BIO:  Crazy dude from Attleboro, MA who seems to have multiple personalities when it comes to his singing. No one can say which persona you will get, but they are all unique. Tom is a multitasking genius as he plays drums and sings at the same time.


Dennis Hicks
aka: The Crumb

ROLE:  Guitars - Keyboards - Post-production
BIO:  Nerdy guy from Seekonk, MA whose melodies drive the band. He can sometimes be a magician in post adding bass lines and keys that can fill the void in many jams.


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New CD - I'm Not the Enemy
Featuring: My Own Worst Enemy
& Good For Me
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